Famous Winter Quotes in English with Images

Blow, blow, thou winter wind
Thou art not so unkind,
As man’s ingratitude.

- Winter Quotes by William Shakespeare Download or Share

One kind word can warm three winter months.

- Japanese Proverb Download or Share

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.

- Winter Quotes by Albert Camus Download or Share

When you live in Texas, every single time you see snow it’s magical.

- Winter Quotes by Pamela Ribon

When you live in Texas, every single time you see snow it’s magical.

- Winter Quotes by Pamela Ribon Download or Share

Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart.

- Victor Hugo Quotes

Every mile is two in winter.

- Winter Quotes by George Herbert

Winter lies too long is country towns; hangs on until it is stale and shabby, old and sullen.

- Willa Cather Quotes

Perhaps I am a bear, or some hibernating animal underneath, for the instinct to be half asleep all winter is so strong in me.

- Winter Quotes by Anne Morrow

Every winter, When the great sun has turned his face away, the earth goes down into a vale or grief, And fasts, and weeps, and shrouds herself in sables, Leaving her wedding-garlands to decay- Then leaps in spring to his returning kisses.

- Charles Kingsley Quotes

In the bleak midwinter Frosty wind made moan, Earth stood hard as iron, Water like a stone; Snow had fallen, snow on snow, Snow on snow, In the bleak midwinter, Long ago.

- Christina Rossetti Quote

The tendinous part of the mind, so to speak, is more developed in winter; the fleshy, in summer. I should say winter had given the bone and sinew to literature, summer the tissues and the blood.

- John Burroughs Quotes

And for the season it was winter, and they that know the winters of that country know them to be sharp and violent, and subject to cruel and fierce storms.

- William Bradford Quotes

O Winter! Ruler of the inverted year,… I crown thee king of intimate delights, Fireside enjoyments, home-born happiness, And all the comforts that the lowly roof Of undisturb’d Retirement, and the hours of long uninterrupted evening, know.

- William Cowper Quotes

There’s a certain Slant of light, Winter Afternoons – That oppresses, like the Heft Of Cathedral Tunes-

- Emily Dickinson Quotes

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.

- Winter Quotes by Anne Bradstreet