Famous Water Quotes in English

Spend money like water.

- Water Quotes by Jimmy Jump Jimmy Villiers Jumpy jump

When the water of a place is bad it is safest to drink none that has not been filtered through either the berry of a grape, or else a tub of malt. These are the most reliable filters yet invented.

- Water Quotes by Samuel Butler

A pool is, for many of us in the West, a symbol not of affluence but of order, of control over the uncontrollable. A pool is water, made available and useful, and is, as such, infinitely soothing to the western eye.

- Water Quotes by Joan Didion

So let man consider of what he was created; he was created of gushing water issuing between the lions and the breastbone.

- Quran Holy Book Quotes

In the world there is nothing more submissive and weak than water. Yet for attacking that which is hard and strong nothing can surpass it.

- Water Quotes by Lao – Tzu