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Death is common to all.

No peacock envies another peacock his tail.

He dies twice who perishes by his own hand.

He dies before he is old who is wise before his day.

Close sits my shirt, but closer my skin.

Fruit ripens not well in the shade.

Old age is in itself a disease.

Different men like different things.

By ignorance we mistake, and by mistakes we learn.

Happy the man who keeps out of strife.

Success alters our manners.

One man uses his tongue, another his teeth.

The remedy for injuries is to forget them.

Many promises impair confidence.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Ignorance is not privileged by titular degrees.

Gold is proved by fire.

A middle course is the safest.

It doubles the value of a gift to be well-timed.

Truth may be suppressed, but not strangled.

It is not allowed in war to blunder twice.

Force not favours on the unwilling.

A covetous man does nothing that he should till he dies.

Conviviality reveals secrets.

Nothing dries up more quickly than a tear.

Every soil does not bear the same fruit.

A service done to the unwilling is no service.

It is better to be always prepared than to suffer once.

The dead are the best counsellors.

Fight with silver spears, and you will overcome everything.

I too am not powerless, and my weapons strike hard.

He who waits till an opportunity occurs may wait for ever.

Truth becomes lost in the turmoil of arguments.

Men see more of the business of others than of their own.

Drown not thyself to save a drowning man.

After darkness comes light.

There is no accounting for tastes.

I shall speak facts; but some will say I deal in fiction.

Keep quiet and people will think you a philosopher.

Prudence is the charioteer of all virtues.

He catches the best fish who angles with a golden hook.

Early rising is most conducive to health.

An old woman would dance.

Opportunity never knocks twice at any man's door.

Pursue that course which offers most advantages, habit will soon make it agreeable and easy.

Latin Sayings in English

A bow too much bent is broken.

A bow too much bent is broken.

We find much ingratitude, and create more.

We find much ingratitude, and create more.

Make too much haste and pay the penalty.

Make too much haste and pay the penalty.

Our own house surpasses every other.

Our own house surpasses every other.

Less of your courtesy, and more of your purse.

Less of your courtesy, and more of your purse.

Either by might or by sleight.

Either by might or by sleight.

Wickedness and malice only require an opportunity.

Wickedness and malice only require an opportunity.

Even a mangy camel will carry more that a herd of asses.

Even a mangy camel will carry more that a herd of asses.

Revenge is a dish that can be eaten cold.

Revenge is a dish that can be eaten cold.

You will mix what is sacred with what is profane.

You will mix what is sacred with what is profane.

That which we obtain too easily, we esteem too lightly.

That which we obtain too easily, we esteem too lightly.

It is never too late to learn.

Power acquired by guilt was never used for a good purpose.

Wealth not acquired by our own labours, but inherited.

There is no way to make money so certain as to save what you have.

Music is the best cure for a sorrowing mind.

You have hit the nail on the head.

Deliberation often loses a good chance.

Too late do I take up the shield after the wound.

It is a bad bargain, where both are losers.

You should only believe half of what you see, and none of which you hear.

Good luck lasts not for ever.

Even a child may beat a man that's bound.

Men worship the rising, not the setting sun.

Deeds not words are required.

You would frighten a lion with a mask.

Neither beg of him who has been a beggar, nor serve him who has been a servant.

Our neighbour's crop is always more fruitful and his cattle produce more milk than our own.

It is unlucky to marry in May.

Be old when young, if you would be young when old.

He is caught in his own snare.

Little drops produce the shower.

He has not even a clod of earth left to cover his remains.

He has not even a clod of earth left to cover his remains.

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Let not your right hand know what your left hand doeth.

Let not your right hand know what your left hand doeth.

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Latin Proverbs About Love

Pain mingles with pleasure.

Pain mingles with pleasure.

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To be loved, be loveable.

To be loved, be loveable.

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Love is the fruit of love.

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Lovers are madmen.

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Love conquers all things; let us own her dominion.

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Love is a kind of military service.

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Love would soon perish, unless nourished by Ceres and Bacchus.

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Love and a cough cannot be hid.

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Love brooks no delay.

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Love for those too easily won does not last long.

Love steals on us imperceptibly.

Love is like a shuttlecock.

It is more wicked to love a sin than to commit one.

Love and dignity do not dwell together.

To be in love and act wisely is scarcely granted to a god.

He who is in love with himself need fear no rival.

A lover should be regarded as a person demented.

No one loves another better than himself.

A man is not where he lives, but where he loves.

He who loves a one-eyed girl thinks that one-eyed girls are beautiful.

A woman either loves or hates, there is no third course.

Habit causes love.

Every lover is a slave: he follows captive at his mistress's heels.

No herb can remedy the anguish of love.

Feigned love is worse than hatred.

If a man falls in love with a frog, he thinks his frog a very Diana.

Where the love is, thither turns the eye.

No folly like being in love.

Late hours and love and wine lead not to moderation in anything.

Many will hate you if you love yourself.

What limit is there in love?

Even Jupiter himself cannot be in love and wise at the same time.

The pleasures of love are enhanced by injuries.

Who loves me loves my dog.

Perhaps you will soon find another, and a fairer, lover.

The course of true love never did run smooth.

Jove but laughs at lover's perjury.

Music provokes love.

You can't love Thetis and Galatea at the same time.

Everything beautiful is loveable.

What is there that love will not achieve?

Hay smells different to lovers and horses.

Kings love the treason, but not the traitor.

Self-love is a mote in every man's eye.

Quarrels enhance the pleasures of love.

By what servant is his master better loved than by his dog?

The grasshopper is dear to the grasshopper, the ant loves the ant.

The best things in life are free.


Into every life a little rain must fall.


Seek not the luxuries of life lest you reap sorrow.

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Those who are nourished by hope live ever in suspense, and enjoy not life.

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He is unworthy of life who gives no life to another.


Once in each man's life fortune smiles.

Whose life is as lightning, his words are as thunder.

A hard life but a healthy one.

Man's life is a sojourn in a strange land.

He took care to enjoy himself as long as life lasted.

The good fortunes of life fall to the lot even of the base.

Science is unlimited in its course; life is short.

A precipice in front of you, and wolves behind you; that is life.

No man is contented with his lot in this life.

While there is life there is hope.

An industrious life is the best security for food in old age.

Marry a person in your own rank in life.

To know nothing is the happiest life.

While life lasts let us enjoy it.

He alone is wise who can accommodate himself to all the contingencies of life; but the fool contends, and is struggling, like a swimmer, against the stream.

Man's life's a vapor, and full of woes; he cuts a caper, and down he goes.

How many accidents keep human life a rolling.

Married life without children is as the day deprived of the sun's rays.

When a man's mode of life is contemptible, it follows that his preaching is treated with contempt.

He spends the happiest life who knows nothing.

Death is common to all. *

Death defies the doctor.

Death brings to a level spades and sceptres.

Death to the wolf is life to the lambs.

Death is the great leveller.

Death cancels everything but truth.

Death is preferable.

Death snatches away the most deserving, and leaves the wicked.

Live your own life, for you will die your own death.

Hate knows no age but death.

The fear of death is worse than death itself.

There's death in the pot.

Even the fear of death is dispelled by music.

Poverty is death in another form.

I prefer death to disgrace.

Spur not a free horse to death.

Let it be well recorded that a harlot is a gate which leads to death.

He feigns death like a panther.

There grows not the herb, which can protect against the power of death.

It is as bad to have too many friends as no friends at all.

Friends become foes, and foes are reconciled.

Compete not with a friend.

They cease to be friends who dwell afar off.

A dissimilarity of pursuits dissolves friendship.

Offer not the right hand of friendship to every one.

In time of prosperity, friends will be plenty, In time of adversity, not one amongst twenty.

Never malign a friend.

Friends have all things in common.

One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.

Dawn is the friend of the muses.

The silence resulting from absence has destroyed many a friendship.

It is the duty of friends mutually to correct each other.

Where there is wealth, friends abound.

Of no worldly good can the joy be perfect, unless it is shared by a friend.

It is the essence of good taste to do that which is consistent with our position.

A trifling pledge of no small friendship.

Treat your friends as if hereafter they will become your enemies, and your enemies as if they will become your friends.

Never expect your friends to do for you that which you can yourself accomplish.

Friendship lasts as long as the pot boils.

Poverty shows us who are our friends and who our enemies.

Silence is wisdom and gets a man friends.

Excess of obligations may lose a friend.

No man can be happy without a friend, or be sure of his friend till he is unhappy.

A friend that you buy with presents, will be bought from you.

Rich for yourself, poor for your friends.

True friends are tested in adversity.

When spherical bodies can unite and embrace, then there will be friendship amongst the avaricious.

In prosperity you may count on many friends; if the sky becomes overcast you will be alone.

When fortune deserts us, our friends are nowhere.

Both are the better for their mutual friendship.

Misfortunes make friends.

A friend that will go to the scaffold with you.

Poverty trieth friends.

In forming new friendships, forget not old friends.

We need not friends if Providence smiles on us.

No man has a worse friend than he brings with him from home.

Time has a forelock, but is bald behind.

Bright enough in the dark, dull in time of day.

There is always a first time.

Make good use of your time, it flies fast.

Tide and time wait for no man.

Better take time.

Time softens animosity.

In time of sickness man is ever on his best behaviour.

They found no fault with Time, save that he fled.

It is never too late to ask what time it is.

Time reveals all things.

He that gives time to resolve, gives time to deny, and warning to prevent.

There is a time for everything.

We have all been fools in our time.

Time flies with hasty step.

No horse is so good, but that he will at times stumble.

Benefits grow old betimes, but injuries are long livers.

In time of prosperity consider how you will bear adversity.

When the old dog barks it is time to watch.

There is a time for all things.

Sleep not in time of peril.

The penalty attaching to evil deeds should be thought of in time.

Be old betimes that thou may'st long be so.

He will die before he's old who's wise before his time.

Sooner will a beetle make honey.

There is a time and place for everything.

Length of time rots a stone.

With the idle it is always holy day time.

Tears are at times as eloquent as words.

A mouse in time may bite in two a cable.

More blind than the cast-off skin of a serpent.

The times are changing; we too are changing with them.

He who is first in time has the prior right.

There is a good time coming.

Lost time is never found again.

Holyday time will not last forever.

A small gift, but well-timed.

The happier the time, the more quickly it passes.

Lions in time of peace; deer in war.

The position in which we were before the war.

To win a war quickly takes long preparation.

Women's jars breed men's wars.

When the war is over then comes help.

You war against heaven.

War appears pleasant to those who have never experienced it.

Latin Proverb in English

In times of peace we should think of war.

War gives no opportunity for repeating a mistake.

If you desire peace, be ever prepared for war.

Sweet is war to those who have never experienced it.

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