List of Famous Habit Quotes in English

How use doth breed a habit in a man!

- William Shakespeare Quotes

Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.

- Vince Lombardi

Nothing is stronger than habit.

- Habit Quotes by Ovid

As a twig is bent the tree inclines.

- Virgil

Habits change into character.

- Publius Ovidius Naso Ovid

How use doth breed a habit in a man!

- William Shakespeare

Powerful indeed is the empire of habit.

- Publilius Syrus

Good habits result from resisting temptation.

- Habit Quotes by Indian Proverb

A large part of virtue consists in good habits.

- Barbara Paley

Chaos often breeds life, when order breeds habit.

- Henry Adams

A man’s fortune has its form given to it by his habits.

- Anonymous

Heartily know, When half-gods go, The gods arrive.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.

- Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Nothing so needs reforming as other people’s habits.

- Mark Twain

A nail is driven out by another nail. Habit is overcome by habit.

- Desiderius Erasmus

Divide each difficulty into as many parts as necessary to resolve it.

- Rene Descartes

Small habits well pursued betimes May reach the dignity of crimes.

- Hannah More

My problem lies in reconciling my gross habits with my net income.

- Habit Quotes by Errol Flynn

Curious things, habits. People themselves never knew they had them. 

- Habit Quotes by Agatha Christie

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.

- Aristotle

Men acquire a particular quality by constantly acting in a particular way.

- Anonymous

Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of.

- Anonymous

All habits gather by unseen degrees, As brooks make rivers, rivers run to seas.

- John Dryden

Every woman should eat for the long run so she can manage the short stops of crisis.

- Jane Fonda

First we form habits, then they form us. Conquer your bad habits or they will conquer you.

- Rob Gilbert

A habit cannot be tossed out the window; it must be coaxed down the stairs a step at a time.

- Mark Twain

You leave old habits behind by starting out with the thought, 'I release the need for this in my life'.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

The unfortunate thing about this world is that good habits are so much easier to give up than bad ones.

- William Somerset Maugham

No matter how old you get, if you can keep the desire to be creative, you're keeping the man-child alive.

- John Cassavetes

Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time.

- Habit Quotes by Mark Twain

Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.

- Benjamin Franklin

Thoughts lead on to purposes; purposes go forth in action; actions form habits; habits decide character; and character fixes our destiny.

- Tryon Edwards

It seems, in fact, as though the second half of a man’s life is made up of nothing but the habits he has accumulated during the first half.

- Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky

Action on the move creates its own route, creates to a very great extent the conditions under which it is to be fulfilled and thus baffles all calculation.

- Henri Bergson

I never could have done what I have done without the habits of punctuality, order, and diligence, without the determination to concentrate myself on one subject at a time.

- Charles Dickens

Moral habits, induced by public practices, are far quicker in making their way into men’s private lives, than the failings and faults of individuals are in infecting the city at large.

- Plutarch

Any act often repeated soon forms a habit; and habit allowed, steadily gains in strength. At first it may be but as the spider's web, easily broken through, but if not resisted it soon binds us with chains of steel.

- Tyron Edwards

We are what we think; as we desire so do we become! By our thoughts, desires, and habits, we either ascend to the full divine dignity of our nature, or we descend to suffer and learn.

- J. Todd Ferrier

What a curious phenomenon it is that you can get men to die for the liberty of the world who will not make the little sacrifice that is needed to free themselves from their own individual bondage.

- Bruce Barton

Power is the faculty or capacity to act, the strength and potency to accomplish something. It is the vital energy to make choices and decisions. It also includes the capacity to overcome deeply embedded habits and to cultivate higher, more effective ones.

- Stephen R. Covey

Habits - the only reason they persist is that they are offering some satisfaction. You allow them to persist by not seeking any other, better form of satisfying the same needs. Every habit, good or bad, is acquired and learned in the same way - by finding that it is a means of satisfaction.

- Juliene Berk

Those who have attained things worth having in this world have worked while others idled, have persevered when others gave up in despair, have practiced early in life the valuable habits of self-denial, industry, and singleness of purpose. As a result, they enjoy in later life the success so often erroneously attributed to good luck.

- Grenville Kleiser

We're worn into grooves by Time by our habits. In the end, these grooves are going to show whether we've been second rate or champions, each in his way in dispatching the affairs of every day. By choosing our habits, we determine the grooves into which Time will wear us; and these are grooves that enrich our lives and make for ease of mind, peace, happiness achievement.

- Frank B. Gilberth

It is hard to let old beliefs go. They are familiar. We are comfortable with them and have spent years building systems and developing habits that depend on them. Like a man who has worn eyeglasses so long that he forgets he has them on, we forget that the world looks to us the way it does because we have become used to seeing it that way through a particular set of lenses. Today, however, we need new lenses. And we need to throw the old ones away.

- Kenich Ohmae

The long span of the bridge of your life is supported by countless cables called habits, attitudes, and desires. What you do in life depends upon what you are and what you want. What you get from life depends upon how much you want it, how much you are willing to work and plan and cooperate and use your resources. The long span of the bridge of your life is supported by countless cables that you are spinning now, and that is why today is such an important day. Make the cables strong!

- L.G. Elliott

In one sense the whole process of development consists of the formation of habits; for knowledge itself, and the powers of thought, as well as the higher elements in the will, all depend upon the establishment of fixed ways of reacting to given stimuli. Consequently, the general laws of habituation underlie the whole of education. But the term habit is more commonly restricted to those established reactions that act with little or no participation of consciousness, or, in other words, mechanically or automatically. Such habits as these begin to form very early, and constitute a kind of supporting framework for the higher elements of character.

- Edward O. Sisson

The secret of the whole matter is that a habit is not the mere tendency to repeat a certain act, nor is it established by the mere repetition of the act. Habit is a fixed tendency to react or respond in a certain way to a given stimulus; and the formation of habit always involves the two elements, the stimulus and the response or reaction. The indolent lad goes to school not in response to any stimulus in the school itself, but to the pressure of his father's will; when that stimulus is absent, the reaction as a matter of course does not occur.

- Edward O. Sisson